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We're not 'dog tolerant' but 'dog friendly'. Having owned dogs since the 1980s, we certainly understand those who regard their dog as an equal member of the family. It's easy to appreciate that Guests who bring their dogs along will want them to enjoy their holiday here just as much as they do!

Our own dog, Jack, is always ready to meet new 'arrivals' - provided both our two-legged and four-legged Guests are happy about that! If not, it simply doesn't happen as he's not 'free range'! He is, though, a pretty rare breed and few are able to identify him. Anyone who does can earn themselves a 'pint' or a glass of wine next door - but the penalty for getting it wrong is a whisky for the male Proprietor of Mel House Cottages....!

Our 500 metre grass track, which runs down the centre of our Site to the Stable Yard (see below), is ideal as far as giving your dog the chance of a sedate 'leg-stretch' or a more exuberant 'ball-chase'. Guests are also welcome to take their dogs into the Paddock beyond the Yard - strictly provided, of course, that there are no horses in there.


Provided they are appropriately insured, we are pleased to be able to offer DIY Livery facilities from May to September for those wishing to bring their horses or ponies on holiday with them. Because access to the Yard adjacent to our 1 acre Paddock is via a relatively narrow grass track - with overhanging branches - only Guests who are able to use Trailers should consider this facility.


We have had cats staying here - accompanied - but are always concerned that scratching of furniture fabric, for example, may come about 'spontaneously' and be impossible to prevent. Those Guests who have brought their cats have also brought substantial 'covers' to place over furniture and have given us a substantial deposit against the possibility of damage.


Yes - parrots come too. Having owned one ourselves, we have only two stipulations. One is that if they have a habit of screeching then they can't stay in either of our Apartments. The other is that there be an area of newspaper (or similar) surrounding the cage base which is sufficient to guarantee 'capturing' any 'projectile' launched horizontally from the side of the cage!


We have no ducks - that is, 'aquatic birds'! - of our own, with clipped wings, but wild ones come and go as far as residency on the Duck Pond in the Village Green opposite our Cottages goes. They can, therefore, be of some interest to Infants and Toddlers but feeding the ducks is discouraged, as this can pollute the pond and also encourage 'dependency' and 'over-breeding', so any excitement is likely to be fairly limited!